Methods of Prediction: Psychic Clairvoyant Medium, Spiritual Healer, (Tarot if asked for).


Karen has a great sense of empathy & compassion in helping others, great communication skills, and is a wonderful motivator. 


At the moment she is working within the medical profession caring for the community through giving advice and counselling which in turn is very satisfying and rewarding part of her daily life. This transcends beautifully also through her in depth readings.


Her aim, and her passion, is to give guidance & clarity to all her clients, getting answers whether past, present or future. Karen states that the most rewarding part of being psychic is feeling a great sense of clarity, knowing that you have lifted a client's spirit  and re-energised the mind with the messages received from loved ones in the spirit realm.


Karen is typical of her star sign of Pisces - intuitive, creative, imaginative, very compassionate and a great listener.  She is highly sensitive to those who are around her.

Experienced in all Psychic matters. Under strict UK Law, we are not allowed to give information on health (pregnancy issues) or legal matters.

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