3 Types of Readings Explained ~ But Which is Best for You?

There are several different types of psychic readings and today we're going to talk about three popular choices, the differences between them, and which type of reader can help you with what.




I Want to Know if I Should Move - I Need to Call a Psychic!

If you're a regular here to our site, you know that I think intuitive readings are great when you need guidance, insight, or are trying to make a decision.


Tarot card readings can also be good for this purpose. During a psychic reading, the reader will sense things about you by:

  • using their own intuition 
  • sensing things in your energy fields
  • receiving information telepathically from your spirit guides

In a tarot card reading or angel card reading, the reader will help answer your questions by:

  • interpreting the tarot cards that have been selected
  • using intuition (some tarot professionals use intuition and others only interpret the symbolic meaning of the cards)

You can ask very specific questions or broader, more general questions.  As a reader myself, I find that I can really dig into the heart of the issue when the questions are more specific.  Here are some examples of questions that people ask during intuitive readings:

  • Business/Career
  • I have an idea for a business.  Can my idea be successful?
  • I'm not happy in my current job.  Is there something else that I would be good at?
  • Love
  • What is holding me back from having a fulfilling relationship?
  • My ex and I don't get along, yet we can't seem to be apart.  What's up with that?




All of the types of psychic readings on this page can be conducted by phone, which is just as effective as having a reading in person.  More readers than ever are offering telephone sessions because there are so many benefits. Email readings are becoming very popular, too.


Psychic Readings

A reading with a psychic is a popular choice as they are capable of extraordinary mental processes, such as extra sensory perception and mental telepathy.  A psychic has the power to see information, hidden from the normal senses, through a sixth sense. A psychic is sensitive to forces beyond the natural range of perception, enabling them to respond to parapsychological forces and influences.


Once connected energetically, the psychic will reach out with all their psychic senses with the aim of finding the influences around a person right now. As a person receives information on the physical level, the psychic reader will receive it on a psychic level. This means that they can either see, feel, hear or sense something that is affecting a person, regardless of distance.

Psychic phenomena cross time and space and do not obey the rules of man-made time. The information a client received from a psychic that is in the same room is no different to the information from a psychic on the other side of the world. It is sometimes more powerful receiving a reading from the other side of the world because it validates the information.
After all, how else can they possibly know so much from so far away!


Clairvoyant Reading

Clairvoyants are people who can perceive things beyond the range of the five senses - sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell - and for that reason they are often described as having a sixth sense.


Clairvoyance literally means "clear seeing" and a clairvoyant is someone who can "see" beyond the range of the naked eye. Sometimes this is called having "the sight" or the "second sight".


Clairvoyants use their sensitivity and intuition to tune into you and their insights can help you to make sense not only of what is going on in your life right now, but also what has happened in the past and what will happen in the future.


Clairvoyants may also be clairaudients and clairsentients.  Clairaudient can "hear" inwardly, receiving information about someone's past, present or future. Clairsentient can experience within themselves sensations, emotions or vibrations that someone else has felt in connection with certain events or people.. Clairvoyants develop their own style of reading, depending on their personality, interests and what they have found works best for them.

How a Phone Psychic Reading Works

We all give off unique energetic signals.  At the start of your phone psychic reading, the reader can tune into your energetic fields by quieting their mind for a few minutes with meditation or prayer.  This allows the reader to raise his or her vibration.  They will then be connected to your energy and start receiving information from your spirit guides and/or loved ones in heaven in the forms of words, images, feelings, etc.


It’s similar to when you turn on your radio and tune into your favorite station.  In this case, the person doing your reading is tuning into your frequency.   Think of it as wireless communication.  So you see, it really doesn’t matter if you are in the same room as the intuitive reader or not. We can tune in to your frequency from anywhere.  An intuitive reader can tune into your vibration from any location - just like you can tune into the same radio station whether you are in your house or car.

Did You Know?

You can also have a mediumship reading by telephone.  You don't need to be in the same room (or country!) as the medium for them to connect with your loved one, or give you the answers, clarification and upliftment your in need of! 




A medium is someone who acts as a vehicle for receiving messages from those who have passed on or from a guide, angel or some other being in the spirit world that is relevant to you and the path that you are on.

Mediumship is nothing new. For primitive man, ancestor worship was a form of religion, based on the belief that the spirits of the dead survive in another world.


The information provided by a medium may take the form of advice or guidance from a loved one to a relative still living. It can be of great comfort to consult a medium when you have lost someone. A good medium will be able to describe the personality and life of someone you knew and relay messages from them in such a way as to convince you that they come from that person.


The benefits of a medium reading are many. You may receive some communication from a loved one who has passed over to the other side, this could include, a friend, family member or anyone you have known and also including animals whose soul or life force still lives on after their physical death.

The truth and value of mediumship is only ever truly understood once one has sought the assistance of a medium following a painful loss. This is great converter of believers as once one has the information that could not have been guessed at or generalised, when they have a specific piece of evidence from a shared memory or information about an item then the truth that our loved ones have indeed survived the physical death becomes apparent.


This will give you more choice and in addition the convenience of having a reading from your own living room or home as may great mediums work across phone lines which in no way diminishes their connection to the spirit side.

The benefits of a medium reading go beyond simple comfort for the bereaved, what this will also do is open up your understanding of the world and you will begin to get the big picture which is that our universe is full of magic and mysticsm, we never die, we cannot for the life of us die and this will refer to your life and mine too no matter what we believe.

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