Just Let The Love In... 

Changing your thoughts is the single biggest thing you can do to manifest what you really want in life. It's very simple, which is why so many people have trouble getting their heads around the task. Either they think that it's far too difficult (or should be) and that they must be doing some portion of it incorrectly? Or they allow their lack of faith and belief in what their doing sabotage their efforts before they have even began? But in essence, it's all about your imagination - if you can think about your circumstances differently, you can make them different too.


In terms of love relationships, ask yourself whether you can imagine being truly loved, but also acting in a loving way to yourself and others as well? What would things be like if this were so?  This is now your starting point for attracting a great partnership.

Some Common Lack Beliefs About Love: 


  • I don't deserve to be loved, what do I have to offer anyone?
  • There is something wrong with me
  • I have to be a particular type of person to be loved in that way?
  • Other people get more out of love than I do because they are better or nicer and have richer personality than me
  • I have to do or achieve something more to deserve love?


And Some Positive Beliefs About Love:


  • Everybody deserves love
  • I can be loved because of who I am right now
  • The Universe wants me to be happy, contented and loved
  • There is enough love to go around for everybody
  • I can play my part in creating love by changing the way I think and the way in which I act


Write down 10 things that you believe to be true about love, for example, "I have to change myself to attract love".... "I'm too old to find someone like that now" .... "Why should I accept second best?" .... "That special person is out there looking for me too" etc etc. Now look at your list and identify any that relate to a sense of lack; think about the way this affects the way that you live your life, not to mention what you attract from it.  Now challenge them; in what circumstances might they not be true? What beliefs would you like to hold instead?


Be Pro-active


Taking steps to do more things you enjoy will accelerate the attraction process because everytime you feel happy and light hearted, you raise your energy vibration and begin to attract better experiences.  So make a little list of things that you love, things that bring you joy. I tend work on the old 80/20 principle: if you do the most important 20% on a regular basis, you will tip your happiness balance in your favour by 80%.


What would make you blissful? ...  Running around the park with your dog, setting off on a round the world trip, taking up a class like learning a foreign language, watching live comedy or going to the theatre, homemade fudge, writing a book, lying in the sun on a white sandy beach? ...... If you're not sure, make a promise to yourself that you will lighten up. Let go of all the unimportant stuff. Don't cling on to hurts, inner resentment, doubt. Keep a sense of humour. There is only one measure of your success, and that's how you feel. As soon as you sense that your lighter, happier and more excited, it's a sign that it's all working!

Write A Love Resume


Jot down a list of all the relationships you have had, including significant memories, durations, dates. Take a long look at it. What sort of situations and people have you been attracting in to your life? Are there any themes? What did not work? Spend sometime considering what beliefs and ways of thinking contributed to these prior relationships, remembering that the Universe and the law of attraction operates on a 'like attracts like' principle.


Try and be objective here too. Also what do you want to keep on your resume? What worked? Make a separate list of the features or the characteristics you woulf like to experience again in the future. It is also important to focus on what worked rather than what didn't, because the Universe doesn't recognise negatives. It only hears your thoughts and the feelings produced by your words. So, if you think "I don't want rejection", it only hears the word 'rejection' .... it will then put that event into your vortex

(your astral stock-room) to be delivered.


Below is my own little list I did a while ago.. what I did was I detailed the negative aspects on the left hand side, and on the right hand side I made a list of their positive counterparts to give me a contrast of what I didn't want and what I did want this time around.

Things I Didn't Like:

  1. Was a very poor listener
  2. Very controlling ways
  3. Not attentive enough
  4. Didnt care what I thought or how I felt
  5. Not very outgoing
  6. Didn't like traveling
  7. Always rushed me about
  8. Made decisions without me
  9. Didn't like going out with me

Things I Do Like:

  1. Great listening skills
  2. Flexible and well balanced
  3. Affectionate, sensitive
  4. Asks me what I think and how I'm feeling
  5. Very sociable and outgoing
  6. Likes adventure, exploring
  7. Has patience with me
  8. Asks for my opinion/ideas
  9. Enjoys the theatre, movies

Create A Love Treasure Map


Find pictures, quotes, images that represent your new. loving future. Scour magazines and the internet, or collect postcards and photos that represent your new reality. Use anything that inspires and motivates you. The only rule is to do it with joy and abundance. Colour is good; black & white won't stimulate your unconscious mind as much as vibrant colour will. You can of course also draw things yourself. If a hand drawn image of a house by the sea with a family standing out front brings you joy, it might be more effective than a photographic image from a glossy magazine?  The law of attraction works on the 'feelings' that is generated by something, the feelings you 'attach' or associate with something. The more you believe in your future the more it becomes possible, the more faith you throw in the more it will be attracted to you.



Get a pinboard or a large piece of card and use you're imaged to create a collage, or what I like to call a 'Treasure Map'. Make sure you include pictures that reflect the sort of person you will be when that all important partner materialises; this will make your unconscious mind see your future goals as a foregone conclusion, so the law of attraction can work it's magic. Think about the experiences you will have with your partner when s/he has arrived. Perhaps you want to include a photo of a couple travelling together, having a child, or growing old together? What are you going to do with this person? A friend of mine has a nice picture of a couple from a travel magazine climbing a hiking trail, looking happy, loving and healthy in such a beautiful place. So that would cover travel, love and well being all in one hit!  Be expanisve with your thinking as this is the blueprint the law of attraction will use for your future.


Put your treasure map somewhere you will see it everyay. You could even carry a mini-map collage in your bag. Remember, this really is a dynamic process. You don't have to keep the images you started out with; remove any piccies that no longer inspire you or 'speak' to you. The results of this can be immediate too. I put a picture of a holiday once that I really wanted to create on the dashboard of my car, and I manifested it within 48 hours when a friend of mine got a cancellation and invited me along on a trip being planned the last minute!





Make your future visual ..... and choose images that are vibrant and meaningful to you and make you feel good ..... keep it private if you can, so that you don't get influenced by other people's negativity or jealousy, or their ideas about what they feel would be best for you.


It's not enough to just think about what you want; you need to act positively as well. It doesn't really matter what the action is, as long as it's taking you towards your main goal. Write down, for example ... 'I will commit to this new future by joining a dating agency and starting salsa classes... this is the service and the energy I offer the Universe in return for manifesting my new future'. 


Finally, remember to say thank you for what is about to come. Expressing gratitude in advance to the cosmos shows the Universe that you truly trust in it's process and that you are on the right path, and heading toward your purpose!





Cosmic ordering is the belief that you can make all your wishes, hopes & desires come true by literally ordering the life that you want from the Universe... the Universe is bountiful and can accommodate all our hopes and wishes - you just have to make sure that you ask for what you want properly.


Cosmic ordering combines the power of positive thinking with persuasive visualisation techniques and combining them with Universal planetary energies to make them even more likely to succeed.




As Cosmic Ordering works on the basic principles of the law of attraction, you finding love through a new partner or bringing more love into your current relationship will very much depend on what your actually projecting into it.

Relationships are really only mirrors, so what you will put in is all you will get back in return.


Take a moment to focus on what true love means to you and how it would feel if you were flowing with the love vibration. Visualise how it would feel to be with your ideal mate, or be in the perfect all singing, and all dancing relationship of your dreams!

Loving Yourself

Before you can find love, you must learn to love yourself first before you can give to anyone else, unconditionally and without hesitation. This is essential in this process. Banish any feelings about not deserving love. Wishing you had someone to love you will backfire until you can truly love yourself first.


For the singletons out there, DON'T name a specific person, as that is NOT going to work!! But imagine instead how you would feel when you are with that person. Whether it's a romantic walk or a tandem skydive - think of the things you will do together.

Defining It

When you're ready to attract love, have a clear idea of what it is your actually looking for. List all definite qualities. Think also in positive terms of what you want in a particular relationship rather than what you don't want. You have to be specific and also true to yourself here too. So try and work on those elements first.


Those in a long term relationship, focus on the areas that need improvment. Whether it's spending more qulaity time together or strengthening your communication skills. Try to recreate the feelings of love that brought you together in the first place.

Love is a Universal force of nature, and there is enough to go around for everyone on this planet of ours. There is someone out there for every one of us, so open your Universe and your heart to loving and being loved the way that you deserve to be loved!

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