'The Journey Versus the Destination'. Here we look at the Taoist perspective of the manifesting and cosmic ordering process! 

The Universal Path 


Thanks to the wonderful spread of information about how to manifest almost anything you want over the past few years or so, many people have been enjoying all manner of delights from parking spaces to lottery wins.
It's assumed that this manifesting ability is a fairly new discovery, but it's actually as old as time itself.


Jesus did all sorts of miracles including turning water into wine (soon we will need him to turn it back again as our water supplies are running out fast). Moses did his bit by parting the Red Sea, and even before that, the Taoist sages of ancient China developed the oldest, most consistently used and developed of all manifesting systems, called Wu Wei, the art of inducing the Great Flow (or Tao), to bring you everything that you needed without effort.

In the 1970's, Leonard Orr and the Californian Rebirthing movement introduces affirmations; in the 80's, Shakti Gawain popularised creative visualisation; more recently, Rhonda Byrne divulged 'The Secret' in her book and DVD of the same name, Jerry and Esther Hicks came in from the 90's telling us all about the Law of Attraction in the channelled teachings from the spirit collective Abraham.

But all these modalities: affirmations, visualisations, intention setting and manifesting are contained in the Wu Wei system, refined to a high degree. What is different is that rather than focusing on manifesting as an extension of the materialistic drive to have more of this or that, with Wu Wei, the emphasis here is more upon the enjoyment of doing the dance with life - the results are merely the goody bags - the dance itself is the actual 'event'.
Find The Feelings

The aim is to focus on manifesting the state of being you are looking for (in) the desired object, rather than (on) the actual thing itself (if that makes any sense).  Once the feelings appear within you, all the objects you need - the opportunities, wherewithal, personnel and other requisite external conditions to support the state - will come to fruition spontaneously by themselves.

So say for example that you wanted a big white house on the hill overlooking the sea. Ask yourself how owning that house would make you feel. What would it do for your emotions? You would probably feel safe, sound, proud, excited to be alive living such a great existence, and so on.


You then need to focus on manifesting that emotional state, so all the external factors naturally shunt themselves into place to help you attain the outward experience to match the inner emotions being created. It may turn out that you actually need a penthouse on the opposite hill, or just a humble log cabin, but the effect will still be the same to the Universe.

When you contemplate your desires, it is only ever really the feelings that you would have, rather than the actual objects, that need concern you. You can be the richest person alive, with thousands of big houses and thousands of hills, but if you don't have the desired state of being within, it will all mean diddly squat. 

What follows now is a succinct nutshell of the manifesting method, which if followed carefully, will produce the magic you need:


  • Tell yourself aloud SIX times - "I naturally manifest what I see in my mind's eye".


  • Ask yourself what you'd like to have changed in your life 90 days from now? It could be a new job or business? Selling your house and relocating? Meeting a new partner? Overcoming an illness, anything. Project 90 days into the future. See yourself overcoming all the obstacles standing on either side of that time frame, having manifested whatever it was you'd wanted. How do you feel? Relieved, relaxed, excited, proud, optimistic, aligned with yourself and the world around you, at peace with life?


  • Enter through the rear of your future self's head and feel the sensations from inside the chest, belly and face.


  • Bring that state of being back into your body at the present, and say thank you for all the shifts in external conditions that are about to take place over the coming 2-3 months to facilitate you feeling this way.


  • Tell yourself the whole world - all people, events, situations and objects - are part of the Tao, this one big mysterious presence, and then let go and work with it, dance with it, be part of it, and watch in wonder as your world begins to change before your very eyes.
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