"Cosmic Ordering - Changed My Life"... We hear from three people with inspiring stories to tell of how they made the Law of Attraction work for them!

Charlotte's Story

Charlotte Goulding, 57, was devastated when her husband walked out on her within weeks of her mother's sudden death; little did she know at that point, that the best days of her life were to come.

It wasn't until I was 50 and my world completely fell apart, with my mother and husband departing my life within weeks of one another - my mother after a long battle with cancer, and then my husband through divorce - that my interest in spirituality kicked in.  


50 years old with a 10 year old son, two grown up children and virtually no career to speak of, I was an absolute mess. My mother had always been a strong source of support, so her passing hit me hard; the fact that my husband unexpectedly decided to leave just around the same time only seemed to make everything much worse.  I didn't really understand; had I been such an awful wife that he couldn't wait for the pain and the shock to subside before dumping me?

Career wise, my options were hardly promising really, I had done various part-time jobs - working as a teacher for those with learning difficulties, and supervising children during school breaks - but I had relied heavily on my husband's income to take care of the bills, and I feared that I wouldn't be able to keep up with everything that needed dealing with.

I tried various affirmations and read many books, even tried manifesting techniques before I discovered something called "The One Command" - this is a form of cosmic ordering pioneered by self help guru Asara Lovejoy. Seven years later, I'm not only one of the few practioners in the UK specialising in The One Command, but also a successful animal communicator and human empowerment coach, author of two books with a third on its way, and have released two meditation CD's. I feel like the world's my oyster right now, and I can honestly say that Im more active, confident and emotionally balanced at the age of 57, than I was in my 20's.


How The One Command Works

The whole process is relatively easy and involves using the grounding energies of the Earth, combined with Universal power, to manifest the things that you want. However, the preparation is a little trickier; if you really want to change your life then you really must reprogramme your mind.


  • First you eliminate any negative thoughts preventing you from attracting the things that you want - a process referred to in One Command as 'unwinding'. You can do this in a number of ways; personally, I found visualising my negativity as a sludgy goo leaking out of me particularly effective, but everyone has their own method. Once you have done this, you need to completely clear your mind of thoughts - picturing it as nothing more than white space waiting to be filled with positive words - and focus on the things that you want. Always phrase anything you ask for as though you already have it, and make sure that you're in a totally relaxed state of mind.


  • When you voice your command, visualise sending it, like a beam of light, into the Universe, and state your request three times to reinforce your point; you can alter it slightly each time if you wish.


  • Then, visualise yourself as being that person; you can do this by imagining yourself speaking in front of a group of people, for example, or doing something completely out of your comfort zone


  • Once you have made you're request, assume it's now already on it's way. Finally, and most importantly of all, believe it'll happen and never allow yourself to doubt the process, however long it may take.

Rashelle's Story


Desperate to find a career that would allow her to help others, without jeopardising her role as a wife and mother, Rashelle Reid, 37, thought that cosmic ordering was in order, but even she didn't expect such amazing results at the time of setting out on her manifesting journey.


I was about eight years old when I decided that I didn't believe on God anylonger, Rochelle tells us... I'd been raised in a Roman Catholic home and was rather disillusioned by the church when my mother - a single parent that raised me alone after she divorced my abusive and drunken father - was told that because of her family circumstances, she could no longer attend the congregation due to the divorce.  I couldn't understand how they could turn their back on her when she needed them more than ever?  And I remember thinking how a God who was meant to be so loving and all powerful could discriminate against people in that way, and I decided there and then that the world of organised religion was not for me! However, I did believe that there was something more Divine 'out there' and generally thought of myself as an extension of that source energy, it had to be surely?


When I was 29, I sadly suffered a stillbirth; it happened seven months into the pregnancy and I was absolutely devastated. I felt completely cut off and disconnected from everything, and I lost all my faith completely (or so I thought at the time).  However, I was delighted to discover that I was pregnant again, and carrying twins, shortly after and realised, when the consultant told me they would have to infuse me everyday with treated blood - a fact they wouldn't have known about had I not lost my first child - so the loss of my first babies life had not been in vain. Suddenly everything seemed to make sense again and I felt more certain than ever that there had been a Divine purpose behind it all.. it had to have been!


At the time, the idea of manifesting and creating your own reality through your thoughts was frequently talked about and seemed to be everywhere, books, magazines, internet, television etc; and I was totally captivated by it all.  I started off at first with small things to begin with; we had been living in a tiny flat, now with two sets of twins, and I had given up my job to become a stay-at-home-mum, not that I really had a successful career to speak of, I had never really explored my true working potential shall we say.

That was, of course, until I had discovered cosmic ordering. Within a month, I started to notice my whole luck changing and am now a successful life coach, with a lovely home and a family and my very own business.


My mantra at the time was, 'the most important thing is to find a job that will not only fulfill me spiritually, but also allow me to help others, without really imposing upon my family time; for months I kept repeating that mantra in my mind, reaffirming it over and over, and trusting that the Universe would bring it to me. A couple of months later, I was approached by the director of the I Am conferences  an organisation hosting events geared towards helping people reach their true potential - and was delighted to be asked to offer my services. What's more, it came along just at the right time, as my youngest child was getting a little older, and my work could all be done from home, so I didn't have to spend time away from the family - exactly what I asked for in my mantra!


Rashelle's Take On It:


When it comes to cosmic ordering, the key is to be specific as possible; focus only on what you want, not that which you don't (easier said than done at times). Also consider how the request will effect your life once delivered, but not just the obvious ones. Many people I speak to seem to self sabotage their success by unintentionally creating something that will cause great imbalance in their lives. For example, ordering a six figure salary sounds great in theory yes, but I find a job offering that sort of money requires your dedication over and above the call of duty.. moving to a different location perhaps? ... being away from friends and partners more often than not ... spending more hours at work or on paperwork, meetings, conferences etc. After a while, that would get you down and cause more stress, tension and anxiety as opposed to making your life easier. So as you can see, it is vital to ensure that any internal conflicts are resolved beforehand, and that everything you are ordering fully aligns with your core beliefs, values and most of all you're expectations.


Sorry to say that cosmic ordering isn't about sitting down and casually placing an order for an item and just waiting for it to come along like something you order off Ebay (I wish that it was that simple) but no, it requires a huge amount of 'inner-work' also, and can be quite challenging at times I'll be honest, forcing you to confront some of your fundamental thoughts and values; for instance, could your lack of finances be because you are either afraid of success or afraid of failure? Or that you have this subconscious belief that the more money you have the more complication it brings, or that money is the root of all evil?  Or your inner hurts, mistrust of people, lack of faith in human nature is self sabotaging your ability to find the right relationship? You can see the gist of where I'm going with all this?


Often many of us adopt the mentality of those around us and simply accept the realities we are born into; cosmic ordering completely challenges all of that, allowing anything, and everything, to become possible. The world becomes yours for the taking, if you allow it, and you suddenly realise that you can climb any mountain you wish to. 


The key is to put out as much energy into your request as possible: write it all down on a peice of paper or in a journal and read through it each day, visualising yourself already 'there'.. this will add great energy to your request. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly. Make sure that you appreciate everything that you already have, for the deeper the gratitude you have for the blessings the Universe has given you already, the greater the chance it will want to bring you even more, and it WILL!

Katherine's Story 


Faced with the closure of her business and a dwindling sense of her own self-worth, Katherine Dubarrie, 49, was delighted when a book by Esther & Jerry Hicks fell into her lap, and swiftly she set to work!


I've often wondered how different my life would have been if I had known about the Law of Attraction, Cosmic Ordering, Manifesting, Affirmations etc at a much earlier age?  Like most people, I endured many difficulties during my early teens and lost my father to stomach cance when I was 13, and just six months later, my nother discivered that she had breast cancer. My school life hadn't been much better either, and I generally suffered from low self-esteem.


However, it was only when my business - a candle shop I had put my heart & soul into went bust - that I knew that something seriously had to change, it simply had too!  Out of the blue a friend of mine had given me a book as a birthday present called "Ask and it is Given" by Esther & Jerry Hicks, two of the best known writers in the business on law of attraction and manifesting. As soon as I read that book I was transfixed on it's contents and I read it all in one go from cover to cover, I simply couldn't put it down, and then I just had to re-read it all over again!




Suddenly, it was like a mist was starting to clear, I could see exactly where I had been going wrong; my business had failed, not because I had been unlucky, but it happened due to me putting out all the wrong energies by the cartload.  Rather than me welcoming every customer with open arms, I had very often found myself resenting them coming through the door half the time, and I really couldn't be bothered to be all that attentive to them when I was in the shop all on my own, and I certainly didn't court their repeat custom, to be honest some days, if I was having one of my 'funny five minutes', I was glad to see them walking out the door. With THAT vibration I was sending out it's no wonder the whole project folded within two years.


Motivested now by my new found wisdom, I felt inspired to share the knowledge with others and began to post daily positive quotes and affirmations on my Facebook page. Within weeks, I had people inboxing me saying how much they found my words helpful and how my words had changed their lives.I collected what seemed thousands of my little sayings and them compiled them into an ebook, adorned with beautiful pictures and imagery, and then sent them out to friends and strangers.


Ordering Without Even Knowing


Throught my own life, there are two things that I have been passionate about, expressing my creativity and inspiring others in their own lives. So I launched an online business that set about doing both. Looking back now, I realise that I 'cosmic ordered' a new home back in 1996, a motorbike I had been drooling over since the late 80's, and, more recently, trips to Pheonix, New York and the Grand Canyon.


I had always been fascinated with the Native American culture, so I  promised myself that I would visit the Grand Canyon or Arizona before I turned 45, amazingly, my boyfriend took me to Arizona on the Valentine's Day before my 45th birthday, and also got down on one knee and poppsed the big question; we were married in Arizona by a Native American Indian Chief (in full traditional dress) soon after. It was an amazing experience.


Cosmic ordering is ultimately about believing everything that you want & need is out 'there', ready to come to you, and being patient. The Un iverse works in the most mysterious ways and will only give you the things that you want at times it feels will benefit you, so stop worrying if you don't see results manifesting within the hour.. it doesn't work on tht vibration. 


The main thing is to stay positive and to try and keep all those destructive thoughts at bay. Have faith that it will come and have faith in yourself also, and never allow anyone to stand in your way, especially not yourself.

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Easy Law of Attraction Methods-Ideas of Abraham Hicks



I love to watch and read the materials that come from Abraham Hicks and here I am going to discuss with you some easy law of attraction methods that are given in the book “Ask and it is Given” by written by them.


The book actually consists of some 22 games based on the ideas of Abraham Hicks, these games are fun as well as very important for creating a better life. It does not matter if you believe in metaphysics or not, these games can improve your emotional state.


Who is Abraham Hicks?


Well this something bizarre for a lot of people to watch on Youtube, because Abraham Hicks is source energy that actually speaks through the body of Esther Hicks.  People have always questioned this but I believe that a wise person will focus on the message rather than the messenger. After reading the materials that came from Abraham and watching many of their sessions online, I have concluded that without a lot of experience, a simple and common person like Esther would not be able to come up with such deep understanding and intelligence that is shown by the spirit Abraham.

However, I am not at all concerned in proving the reality of Abraham Hicks, all I know is that it is fun to hear what they got to say.


Law of Attraction Games


After giving an explanation of everything that creates the reality of our life in about 60 starting pages of the book, they have provided more than twenty games that are essential for improving our lives. What is very special about these games is that they are very simple and yet very powerful.

All the games in this book are distributed according to the emotional state that you are currently in, you do not have to read and play each and every game.


You can decide the game that will suit you by knowing the vibration that you are currently operating in and this book also guides you to recognize that level.


What Are These Games?


However it is not possible to explain to you everything about these games in few words but three of the starting games are my favorite.  (In increasing order the games vary for those in very good emotional state to those who are not).


Rampage of Appreciation


The first time I tried this method, I got an immediate result and moreover it amplified the good feeling that I was already having, it filled me with gratitude. This involves thinking about something that is good in our life right now, it attracts more good thoughts, which follows more and more..


Magic Box of Creation


This is a fun filled one, I love this game because I get a feeling of “letting go” by leaving my desires for universal power to act upon.  In this game we put all our wishes in a box(much similar to vision board), but after dropping them in the box we get a sense of relief from the feeling of craving for it and that is how it will be manifested.


The Creative Workshop

In creative workshop the author makes us to focus on four primary areas of our life that are body, home, relationships and job. This game involves taking few minutes from our regular schedule and sitting down to write what we want in all these four areas. This method makes us to feel good because we are thinking about things that we want, and when we give a direction to our thoughts, it starts flowing as if a barrier is lifted.

Apart from these three games, there are many other games with proper guidance in that book and you can choose to read it if things in your life are getting out of your control.


The book Ask And It Is Given is kindly offered by this website owners, just click the image above and the link will take you straight to the Hope Eternal downloads page where you can download the book in PDF format for free!

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