Money Talks! How To Manifest Abundance

Money, well we all could do with a little more of the stuff... but by constantly focusing on the wanting more of it, you're actually creating a vibration of the 'lack of money' mentality instead.  When we say "Oh I just don't have enough".. or "I'm never going to be able to get that amount in time".. we are actually sending out to the Universe this vibration that we don't have enough and that this will eventually cause money to drain from us, not attract itself to us.

For many of us, the times in which we are now living in are hard times, difficult, stressful. The economy is flat, people are losing their jobs everywhere, house prices are rocketing and the cost of living has become astronomical. But we are not the economy - we are unique, amazing, individuals that are born from the infinite Source of abundance - the Universe - and can constantly access this unlimited source of wealth when we all adopt the following way of being and thinking. Remember that we are all worthy and have a right to this abundance in all its various forms, health, wealth, happiness and contentment.

We have all come to Mother Earth with a unique purpose to fulfil, and all have the unique, amazing talents, gifts and abilities to successfully do this. Yes, each and everyone of us, no matter who we are, or where we are from, can do this. It's when we actually realise this, change our thinking, and look at ways to fulfil this purpose of ours, and share these gifts, that life will then bestow abundance upon us in many different ways!


Positive Thinking:

From a totally metaphysical perspective, every experience begins with a thought; our lives change when we alter the way that we think. Our thoughts become our reality, as the world around us simply becomes a reflection of our inner worlds, beliefs and feelings.  If you have a problem in any area of your life, whether it's you're relationship, health or money - the first place to look for a solution is your thinking. Remember that every thought we have is constantly creating our future. It's not so much the 'emotion' we have through such thoughts, but the 'feeling' that those thoughts create that does the work.

There are no limitations in your imagination, and you can visualise anything that you wish. You're not bound by physical reality there, or financial lack, fear, rejection or any of the other things that hold us back in 'real life'. Visualise the future, let your spirit soar, leave your limitations behind, and see your life as you would truly like it to be. The future you create is first formed in your mind. So imagine the very best, and then take the actions necessary to make it so. Do the exercises below to bring the cash rolling in.


Finding Abundance:


  • Find somewhere that you won't be disturbed, sit quietly for a moment and close your eyes, breathe deeply in and out until you feel relaxed.
  • Imagine a large flower over your heart chakra area (centre of the chest). As you continue to relax and breathe deeply, picture the petals of the flower beginning to unfold and blossom, and ask yourself: 

What are my gifts and talents?  What do I want to be, and how can I share these gifts and talents with the world? In my heart, what do I really and truly want to do with my life?  How can I be of service to the world, and make it a better place?

  • If money wasn't an issue, what would you be doing with your life? Start to picture yourself living that life. Focus daily on the whole picture, and imagine and believe that you are already living that dream life.


As your vibration and beliefs regarding the picture that you have just visualised become stronger, the Law of Attraction will respond and start moving (and drawing) the things that you need, including money, into your life, until you're dream future becomes a reality. Don't focus so much on the smaller details, you can get lost in those. Continue looking at the big picture, then TRUST and DETACH from any outcome - let go and allow the Universe to do its magic for you.


All you have to do is keep an open mind, and then take action when needed, Remember opportunities and abundance come to us in many different and varying forms, so be on the look out for any signs, signals or physical evidence that may suddenly appear. The 'result' may manifest in a way that perhaps you had not expected.

Get Started!

Here are some instant things that you can do today to immediately start the ball rolling manifesting your abundance:


Gratitude: - Give thanks daily for what you DO have, not focusing on the things that you do not have at the moment.


Declutter You're Home & Life:- To let wealth & prosperity come into your life, you must first 'edit' yourself and your surroundings of stagnant energy. In doing so, you should let go of all your excess baggage (i.e. bad feelings, doubts, inner resentments, negative thoughts, ill intentions etc) Declutter and clean our home too. Throw out and recycle any items that are no longer serving you, and make way for the new.


Get Clarity On What You Want:- Once you have decluttered your life, it's easier to get better clarity on what you want. Remember to concentrate on what you DO desire and not on what you DON'T, as the Universe only sees in pictures and not in words, so it will only respond to your visions, and the 'feelings' cultivated by them.


Make a Vision Board:- Now that you know what you want, you can place pictures of these things on a large A3 sheet of paper or on a cork-board or a large piece of cardboard etc. Display it in an area that you will see everyday. This will constantly remind you and affirm to you you're intended goals. If you are intending to relocate to Spain for example, you could put pictures of villas, sea-side scenes, and pictures of sea shells, things that remind you of the country. Also you could put pictures of surfing, skiing or other activities of the things that you would like to do when your there!


Detach & Let Go:-  Once you have a clear vision of what you DO want, trust that it, or something better, will be delivered for your highest good and for those of your loved ones. So let go and allow the Universe to do it's work, as it has a better understanding (and resources) also a bigger view of what is needed to manifest your dreams.

"8".... is the Chinese number associated with wealth and prosperity. Tie eight coins with a red ribbon and hang them in the wealth (South-East) area of the home. This will encourage wealth vibration to you. You can buy these Chinese wealth/luck coins on the internet such as ebay or find them in most good gift or new-age type shops. 

 The Five Money Factors-Using the Law of Attraction for Money Issues


I don’t think people would have ever tried to work with the universal laws for any other thing more than money and unfortunately it is the same area where they fail the most.

I am not here to discourage you by saying that it is difficult to achieve financial freedom using the law of attraction, but I am going to discuss a few things with you that will give you a clear picture of the actual line of action before you even plan out to use the law of attraction for money related purposes.

There are numerous methods given in various books that will show you the ways for using LOA to attract money in your life, however unless you understand the nature of energy that associates with what we call “money”, it is not possible to be very successful in putting those methods into use.

I am going to share with you here five basic things about money that will be very helpful to you in understanding your relationship with money better:-


  1. Your Money Vibration

People think of quantum leaps when it comes to put the universal laws at work and there is nothing wrong with that, it sure is possible to have big goals achieved in a short period of time.

You can win a lottery or a sudden large amount, still the net amount which stays with you in the long run is completely a different thing.
Imagine that you are a farmer who is offered a land where it rains heavily on a particular week of the year and another place where it rains a little every week, which one would you choose?..the latter one right..?

In the same way we all have a mental programming that allows a certain flow of money in our lives consistently even though you may hit the jackpot one day, the only thing on which you can rely upon is that “consistent amount”..why? .... because that is your “Money Vibration!”

By that I mean the average amount which is determined by your subconscious programming, in order to increase this amount you will have to consistently work on changing your old paradigms. This mental programming that decides the certain balance of wealth in your life can uncannily deliver certain amount of wealth when you are having hard times and it can take away gradually the excess amount you earned unexpectedly to keep the balance to which your money vibration is set.
So, you must focus on altering this inner programming first rather than focusing on a certain huge financial goal when you start.



2. Money Is Energy


What most of the people fail to see is that money is not a tangible thing, we represent it using paper, but it actually is an idea in our mind.. See, you cannot take a bunch of money to some remote forest in Africa and buy yourself a lavish dinner there.

The flow of this energy to any place or a particular individual depends on the prosperity consciousness; a man who enjoys living in a villa with a sense of “having it all” is the same person who finds a million ways to buy a new one when the old one is gone and those who are asking for it with a feeling of “lack” will never get it.. It’s law.. the energy that we call “money” is simply an entity that comes into the play to fulfill a demand.


3. Money Is a Servant


The role of money in society is to be of service to people and reversing that rule causes major destruction in a person’s life. This one is simple..

There are two types of people; the first type loves the “freedom” that money brings in their life and the second type loves “money”.. It doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are, you should always be the master and money should be the slave- Loving the “freedom” that money brings to you will keep your relationship with it healthy whereas the other way makes a person’s life a living hell.



4. Money Is Meant to Be Circulated

The nature of money is to flow and circulate, so it loves those who keep it rolling. Hoarding money blocks the flow of wealth in a person’s life.
There is a clear line of distinction between “saving” and “hoarding”, one gives you a feeling of “prosperity” while the other represents your “fear of losing it”.


5. The Law of Compensation

I learned about this from Bob Proctor in his amazing “11 Unforgotten Laws” program, he teaches that according to the law of compensation the amount of money you receive is in direct proportion to three main things:-

1:      The need for what you are doing
2:      Your ability to do it
3:      The  difficulty there will be to replace you


Bob points out that the only thing we should focus on is “our ability to do it”, which means that you should be so positively involved with what you are doing in order to make the progress.

If we go a little deeper to understand this one, it boils down to a very simple conclusion:-Involve yourself in doing something that you love the most because the vibrations that we emit in our higher vibrational state is what comes back to us in the form of material compensation… not only that, it comes back to us in many other beautiful ways.

10 Law of Attraction Money Affirmations That Will Surely Help You to Attract More Wealth Into You're Life

I have picked up a few powerful law of attraction money affirmations from various avenues and I am going to share them with you in this post. 


Gradually, people have started to realize the power of their subconscious mind and how they can alter the old set of mind programming by using visualization or positive suggestions. By writing and saying positive affirmations, one can impress that idea in his subconscious mind and thus attract whatever he wishes to have in his life.


Just saying any affirmation on the surface level is not effective, an affirmation must resonate with a person’s mindset and he should feel the words while saying it. This is why it is so very important to choose or formulate them properly.


Keep in mind that the affirmation you are using should bring you into a positive emotional state and you must believe it to be true. Our conscious mind is like a gatekeeper, if you don’t believe in something on a conscious level then you cannot impress it on the subconscious mind.


Formulating and Using the Affirmations


There is no right or wrong clock time for using affirmations but, there are few conditions under which affirmations work or don’t work.

However it is advisable to use the affirmation of one’s choice but there are few things that one must keep in mind while choosing or making his own affirmations.


Your emotional state with respect to the subject for which you are using affirmations should be positive, it is of no use to repeat positive suggestions when you are innately feeling “lack”, in fact it will work the other way because you will be focusing more towards the negative side while repeating those words.


For example-If you are sick and you are repeatedly saying “ I am healthy” then it is obvious that your words and feelings don’t match,guess who wins?-You feelings of-course. So, you will have to wisely arrange the words to shift your feelings.


In the case like the above one you can use the affirmation like “My health is improving everyday” or “I am getting better each day”.. Here we are using words that points towards the process rather than end results so, our conscious mind will agree to pass it on to our subconscious mind and our feelings will be in accordance with the words.


Another very important thing to be kept in mind while choosing or making an affirmation is to never include any negation in your sentence.

Your subconscious mind cannot hear “NO” or anything that includes negation.. So, if you say “I am not fat” your inner mind will hear “I am fat”.

What you can do here is to alter the sentence in way that the message remains same. Instead of saying “I am not fat”, you can choose to say “I am slender”. 


Saying “My body is getting into a perfect shape with every new day” will be more appropriate as we previously discussed that “process” generates more positive feeling then the end results which seems to be far away from the current scenario.


Here are few wealth affirmations that you can use  to improve your overall relationship with money, choose the one that resonates the most with your mindset ( it should be believed by you and  you should feel positive while saying it):-


1:      I am a money magnet.

2:      I attract money with ease.

3:      Money flows into my life effortlessly.

4:      I earn money doing what I love.

5:      I am open to receive more and more money.

6:      I love financial freedom.

7:      I am in the process of attracting more wealth into my life.

8:      I love the feeling of having more money than needed.

9:      I attract money naturally.

10:   I am tuned into the frequency of money vibration.

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