How To Manifest Your Heart's Desire!

Law Of Attraction - Cosmic Ordering - Manifesting - spell-work, to me it's all the same thing really, and the beauty of it is that anyone can learn to use it to full effect. The glitch is, you might be allowing fear to blind you and letting your chances languish in little boxes labeled "Dream Life" or "Wish List"! But this is not Mission Impossible, truly, there are some practical and determined steps that you can take to recognise your desires, create self-belief and eventually manifest what you most want.


It's not wrong to want the best for yourself and those that you love, living the best life you can. I definitely don't want to look back and regret all the things that I never did, and I don't want that for you either. So where do we start? How do we climb that metaphorical mountain and deal with your hesitations and procrastination?


If you have been living in limbo and want to make changes, there's every reason then to go for gold. You will wake up every morning with a smile on your face and be honouring your true-self - the 'you' that you were meant to be. And I promise, that once you have chosen to make the change and have started taking the steps towards your dreams, the rest will start to fall automatically into place like clockwork.

How to start manifesting?


The first step in manifesting your dreams is to decide first of all what you actually need or want (not keep telling the Universe about the stuff you DONT want). This may sound obvious at first blush, but if your not resolutely clear about what you really desire, the law of attraction can't bring it to you. You'll be sending out mixed vibrations, thus creating mixed results - something we all do, even me. The Universe picks up not on your words, but your thought patterns, it doesn't care what you thought about five minutes ago, it's resonating to what your thinking NOW ... it then plays those thoughts back into your life.  Believe it or not, your mind is so powerful, that it can immediately start pulling people, situations and events into your world to give you what you've imagined - for good or for bad!  So be careful, and clarify your goals at the outset and the Universe will be able to 'link in' and get to work!


When setting goals, make sure that they resonate with your own inherent value system, your passions and talents. What's missing in your life? What were your childhood dreams? If you couldn't possibly fail with manifesting, what is the one thing that you'd love to do, or have?  These questions you should be asking yourself to work out your core values, as objectives that support your ideals will be more worthwhile. Of course, if it's already screamingly obvious what you want to achieve, just hold back a moment and run through a check-list: Is your goal 'yours' or someone else's? Is it specific enough yet? Is it positive? Does it motivate, inspire, give you incentive? Is it actually achievable and measurable in some way?  you will know when your goals are right for you because you will feel excited, exhilarated, scared all at the same time. You won't be able to focus on anything else and you'll want to start researching all the things that will happen as part of your dream life.


If though, your making huge, life-changing moves, there is no doubt that your happy to leave your 'comfort zone'. But, if you're to grow and expand, you will need to experience new things and different people and also stand up and be counted - scary!  But every step towards your goal, and every new thing that you achieve, makes you more confident and the whole process becomes much easier. A really good way I find to test the water, is to do a few things this week that you wouldn't normally do: wear a new colour... try out a new hairstyle.. finish off something that's been waiting to be done for ages ... take up the violin. It'll make you feel fantastic and start sowing the seeds needed to facilitate change(s).


If your anything like me, I tend to make New Year's Resolutions only to find I have abandoned them by the 10th of January, so we will need to get out of that "oh, but setting goals may seem rather fruitless for me" mode of thinking. I also find a lot of guru's, therapists, life coaches agree that people who do give themselves targets or tasks achieve far greater things than those that don't. It's a little addictive too! Once you have reached your first mini-goal, you'll be seeking out your next achievement fix. You'll believe in yourself that much more and it will propel you forward.


But do be realistic too - too small an objective and you won't get the necessary escalation in confidence, and something too outlandish (like winning the National lottery) could be like setting yourself up for a fall. Your goal should appear just out of reach for you. My biggest tip for realising your ambitions is to break each one down into bite sized chunks, take consistent weekly action, create a support network, keep the excitement alive and don't tell the world - there are enough people out there that are more than willing to make fun of your beliefs and shatter your confidence - so consider your goal setting a 'journey' - each milestone you reach will top up your confidence reserves of strength, belief and faith.


Once you have identified your values, worked through what dreams you want to manifest first, and set some goals in line with your higher-self, your next step is to simply trust in the process and keep your vibrations tuned in to the right frequency of alignment. You can do this by feeling happy and not trying to force or push anything, The joyful irony us that the more you remain upbeat and relaxed the faster your dreams will begin to materialise for you.


  • Don't stop believing!  It's all like placing an internet purchase on Ebay really - once you have chosen your item, you confirm your order, go to paypal to check out, you then click the 'send' button and it's done... then you sit back confident in the knowledge that your item will arrive within a specified time frame. Then Viola... it arrives as planned! So think, act and speak as if it's on the way to you and it's inevitable. If along the way you start to feel a little 'iffy' and doubt the order will be sent out... there are a few techniques I use below to boost your vibrations again.


  • Create a vision board:  Cut out and collect images, phrases, words that represent your ideal life - pictures of your perfect house, good health or love. Make the whole thing vibrantly happy and place it exactly where you will always see it.


  • Role playing:  Have an imaginary conversation with yourself. Somewhere private is good for this obviously, but talk as if you were speaking with a good friend, a client, a colleague, speak about your successes, having now achieved your goals.


  • Do daily affirmations:  Write them in the present tense and play out what your life will be like in your mind, already having seen your dreams come true. Have a journal set aside for this if you wish.


You're on the road to success now, so how do you ensure that you keep well on track? Taking responsibility for your own life is pretty scary I find. Blaming others, the situation, the Government or the economy only diminishes your power. You're the one that is charge of YOU, and you need to take ownership of actions, attitudes and your approach. The thought of this might deliver a surge of excitement or make you want to pull the duvet up over your head and hide from the world - both are great!  For it means that you're ready now to move forward and start making a plan.


Remember that it's important to celebrate your successes. Playing them down will send out the wrong messages to the Universe. Write down your achievements in your journal, no matter how silly or small they may be, everything from a great phone call to an unprompted compliment, because when you do this, you are creating solid evidence that will spur you on to even more success.  Each time you reach a milestone though, remember to mark it with a treat of some sort.. a luxurious bubble bath, a nice take-away, a decent bottle of wine (or bubbly), or visiting a place you have always wanted to go to.


Also be mindful of self-sabotage too. We all do it from time to time and have familiar, ingrained behaviours that were put in place a long time ago as a subconscious safety valve. However, they must now be challenged and uprooted if you are to move forward with your new life. Your inner critic can also be a nightmare, it may say things like "Oh yeah, and what makes you think your so special"? - "You won't stick to it, you never do" - "You'll make a mistake, this is never going to work it never does" - "How can you have a new car, where are you going to keep it, how are going to run it, insure it, tax it, afford to maintain it"? You see  what I mean, Arrrrggghhhhh!!!


See this inner critic for what it truly is - a false voice of your super-conscious mind that is trying to protect your ego and, ultimately, serves no purpose in your soul development. Here are some of the moist common self-sabotaging traits I have come across:


  • Procrastination:  Now, this delays action for a start, and means that you do anything and everything else but what you should be doing, like working on your goals, not wasting time on Facebook.


  • Perfectionism:  If you keep 're-doing' stuff because it doesn't seem right, you ultimately delay the arrival of your dreams because you give out the vibration that your not ready, that things are not set in alignment etc.


  • Dreaming:  Blissfully spending time fantasising about how wonderful life is going to be when you achieve your goals is good (to a point) but is also a trap. You may create plans, wish lists, mood boards and the like, but then never take any action. As the old saying goes, 'Too much thinking, not enough doing' comes to mind here.


  • Laziness:  Do you expect everyone around you to take action on your behalf rather than doing it for yourself? You wouldn't believe the amount of clients I get emailing me asking if I can do spells for them to make things happen faster or if I can do a cosmic order for them instead of them doing it.


  • Blaming others:  This means not taking ownership or responsibility for outcomes, and blaming everyone or everything for your past failures and inactions. A lot of the Youtube videos you see online broadcasting the Law Of Attraction speak about this in detail, and that we 'create' the problems we have around us ourselves. 


When you self-sabotage your dreams, it's because you are still holding onto negative or limiting beliefs about yourself or the past. The very best way to change that pattern of thought is to feel the fear yes, but to carry on and complete the action you have set. This expands your comfort zone and re programmes your mind with a more 'Can-Do' attitude.


But also make sure that you don't force things or situations either. all in the name of 'progress'. On the trek along the path to your dream life, it's quite easy to become exhausted, which is a sign to show you that you're not in the right 'zone' here. Evidence of this could take the form of lack of sleep, not eating properly, panicking, feeling stressed, consuming too much alcohol or using cigarettes to relax.  


Take a break! Restore your energies and then come back to your objectives; break your milestones down into smaller denominations. Look back at your success evidence list in your journal to celebrate all that you have accomplished thus far. Remember, you are not alone!  Whatever your spiritual beliefs are, know that there is an amazing higher power, the 'source', which you can call upon at any-time. If you feel frustrated, apathetic, hand it over to Source and wait for the feeling to pass. 


If you could only realise your power - what is inside you - you would know you would know your dream life is just a matter of thought patterns away. I have come to understand that spirit, or energy, is really all there is. All of the techniques I've described above can, and do, work, but the more you become aware of your own innate power and connection to Source, the quicker things start to change. Let this higher power rewire your mind for magnificent manifestation. Keep your visions firmly in your mind, access your inner power and enjoy the journey. You'll soon be looking back, amazed at what you've achieved. 




This little exercise is great for increasing self-esteem and self confidence, and is the perfect way to start your day.


  • Get comfortable, breathe deeply and fully relax. Close your eyes and imagine another 'you' standing in front of you now. This is going to be the 'ideal you'. Now look at your body and admire all the things you like, look at your hair, skin and notice how healthy they look. This is your true self and the most wonderful version of 'you' that you can imagine. Notice how your true self stands, how you talk and move, observe its confidence that seem to ooze out of it's body. Take a special note of how relaxed and comfortable your other true self is there. Your true self has achieved everything that you have ever dreamed of, wanted and needed.


  • Now imagine stepping into your true self's body, so that you merge with it and become one. Notice the difference in how you feel as soon as you step into it. Look through the eyes of your true self, what do you see?  How are things different? Imagine all the things you would be doing if you were living in that body constantly. What differences would occur? What would you be spending your free time doing? How would you feel?


  • When you sense this new confidence flowing through your body, slowly bring your attention back to your surroundings.



Focus on the goal at hand and firmly decide what it is that you really want out of life (not those things you DON'T want)... Whether this is the dream hob, the perfect relationship or a lavish lifestyle you're after.... you first have to be really clear your mind about what your objectives are. Start out by taking the necessary action to move forward. What is it you need to do in order to take you one step closer?


You have to start somewhere, so set small, achievable goals which are measurable. Then take a deep honest look at what it is you need to cut out and edit from your life?  If you watch hours of television, spend 13 hours a day surfing the internet, practically attaching your mobile phone to your wrist in place of your watch - then is is definitely NOT going to lead you on the path to alignment - TRUST ME on that!


Small stepping stones pave the way to bigger dreams coming true, as my grandmother used to say "small steps can only lead to bigger changes", and she was right. When you take pride in everything you do, confidence grows stronger within you and you will have more belief in yourself.


  • Find somewhere quiet, make yourself comfortable and start breathing in and out deeply until you feel that your body is relaxed and centred. When you're ready, close your eyes.....


  • Now, imagine how you want your life to be one year from today!  Focus on as much of the detail as you can, using sound, colour, touch and taste. Make the vision as bright, vivid and as real as possible. Notice how you look, what you're wearing, see you're surroundings, what are they like? Where are you and who are your sharing your day with? What are you doing for a living? What is it you most enjoy about your work? How do you feel about your financial situation?


  • Spend the time looking back over the past year. What are you most proud of achieving? What is it you now believe about yourself? How do you feel about this?  Once you are happy that you have spent enough time living you're future, slowly bring you're attention back to your surroundings. Smile and know that your desired future is but a heartbeat away!


Remember that the biggest key to success is faith and self-belief.. without those, you're journey on this path will resemble a roller coaster ride of fear, lack, doubt and uncertainty. Smooth the process by writing down in you're journal three new beliefs - in the present tense that is - that will alter your mindset and ensure you achieve your destiny.


Acknowledge these beliefs every single day, start the day by feeling them and truly accept them as something VERY REAL.

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